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Caswallon Scott Barrios, nee Michael Scott Barber of Roanoke, Va.
attended William Byrd Jr. High School until he attempted to blow it up, then Salem High School and William Byrd High School.  Son of a local celebrity
scott barrios roanoke times
Resided in Pittsburgh, PA for a time until he was visited by the FBI for harassment and identity theft. 

Returned to Roanoke and worked at the local paper until he was fired for stalking, harassing and impesonating employees, and threatening to mail bombs to people.
The FBI got involved a second time with this person of interest, along with Roanoke police. 

Spent time mailing harassing letters to downtown Roanoke bars using other people's names and return addresses to try and frame, libel, harass and discredit them.

Legally changed his name.

Tried Chicago but coldn't hack the wind, the classes and the law. Returned to Roanoke.

Threatened to give out "special pies" at a bluegrass concert.

Got  in trouble with the Roanoke police again in 2009 for trespassing on private property to harass, threaten and intimidate the owner.
Among his numerous online aliases (Mike Barber, Pablo Schwartz, Todd Zombie, S Christi) is Tim Daschel. 

Perhaps the truth is being twisted and he's being misrepresented.  Be sure to ask him about these facts.

2010 - who will he threaten, harass, impersonate, stalk and terrorize next?